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F-Imaginings: What if on Beforus Kankri made efforts to spread his message of...


What if on Beforus Kankri made efforts to spread his message of equality and social justice through performance poetry. And it was just his social justice group who knew of it until one night Meenah heard he did performance poetry and thought it would be hilarious and gathered up her friends to go…

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“Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” - Skrillex

Fuck I’m gonna be a huge dork but I just need to talk about this for a minute

I was having so many feelings on my way to work this morning while I was listening to this song because I was like “I should make a Bro + Dave + Cal playlist”, but I realized…this song is absolutely everything that I could ever want/need out of a song for the Strider family.

Everything about it, from the title (“Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”…just…come on. Jack Noir? Davesprite? Good. Glad we understand each other), to the style of it, to the voice clips and the tonal shifts, is just the epitome of the Striders to me, in both Beta and Alpha timelines. It’s hard to explain exactly why, but to me it just resonates with me as a sort of struggle to achieve greatness without really knowing what it is that you’re reaching for? The sound of it is happy, sad, frantic, and calm, in alternating waves, and it has moments of chaos but also absolute peacefulness in a beautifully controlled way that just 100% screams “Dave and Dirk” to me. It’s sweet, and gentle, but also harsh and violent, and just so many emotions are packed into this one song for me that I literally cannot think of another song that could possibly be more suited to sum up my Strider feelings than this.

And maybe I’m a huge dork for having so many feelings about a fucking Skrillex song but I just

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my squish is showing: sicklikewinter: can dave be the kind of person who looks up all sorts...


can dave be the kind of person who looks up all sorts of lore and urban legends and scary things just to see if they actually are the scariest thing ever? all the things he finds and reads don’t actually terrify him at all, and it actually kind of frustrates him a lot but…

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