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Dave Engledow (facebook) - “I have never pursued any sort of career in photography, although I have had a small number of gallery exhibitions and scattered publication. I am relatively new to the world of digital photography-I was inspired to purchase my first DSLR in 2010, upon learning that my wife was pregnant with our first child. I have shot and edited more images in the past year than I have in the previous 10 years combined. Since the birth of our daughter Alice Bee in December 2010, the majority of my inspiration has stemmed from creatively documenting the first moments of her life in our family.”

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 ❣ B U N N Y S T U C K ❣
by mookie

Jane Crocker » freckuccino 
Roxy Lalonde »vantasmagica 
Rose Lalonde » Kitsunedolly
Jade Harley » alyssaties
Jade Sprite » mookie000 

Dave Hefner
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Dirk Hefner
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Andrew Hefner
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Amazing Photography
» fenyxdesign

Good LORD this group was such an awesome effort on everyone’s part!! I’m so proud of all my beautiful bunnies & hefs & photogs & boyfriendo’s who tagged along ;o; thank you so much for being a part of this group with me, you are all DA BES

p.s. tim is there enough tim in this post

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"Homestuck cosplay is cheap and easy"




Yeah, Cheap


No effort required at all

Not like its hard to cover yourself in grey body paint
It’s like they aren’t even trying

You guys missed the point

We’re talking about hundreds of shitty Daves running around in a shirt and shades saying they’re cosplaying

I’m sorry, I can’t hear your valid objection over the sexy Disciple. >_>

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